Okay, now I know why corsets are so expensive. First, you have to cut layers and layers of fabric into tiny petite parts that are just so. Then you have to mark each piece tediously with all of the markings on the pattern. Did I mention tedious. (And By the way, I did manage to stab myself at least three times with the pins holding all that fabric together.)

Then you get to the part where you’re actually putting the pieces together. It’s a pain! And boning and grommets and lacing and mallets to hammer the grommets and all the boning tape that must be sewn to the tiny pieces on all the marked areas…

So yeah. So far I’m about, oh, I don’t know, $60-$70 in? And I’m not even done yet.

I will prevail. And once I have actually made one (and hopefully it will fit okay, though I am NOT an easy person to fit, that’s for sure) then I’ll already have all the necessary bits, PLUS experience in doing it, so maybe corset number two wont be as difficult?

I am trying to look on the bright side.

One thought on “Corsets

  1. Kudos to you for trying to put together a difficult piece of lingerie. I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Think I’d just got to Frederick’s.

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