You know, starting a blog really does bring home the horror of the white page – all that empty space staring at you as if daring you to just try it. But one of my mottoes is “No Fear” and yeah, I know that’s some company’s logo, but I don’t care, it really motivates me for some reason.

“No Fear” makes me stop and look at my motivations for doing things. Why am I not telling my boss about the mistake I just made? Is it fear? Fear that he’ll be mad at me? Well, screw that, “NO FEAR”. And I make myself do whatever needs doing.

Of course, at times fear is relevant. For instance, say I see a really cute guy, and for some reason he comes on to me, and I’m all “Yow!” Then I stop and  think “Wait–you’re married.” And fear of wrecking my marriage really comes in handy.

Speaking of Mottoes – I have another one: “There’s no crying in baseball.” Yes, this is from that Tom Hanks movie “A League of Their Own” but it is relevant to me because I am an emotion-ridden Cancer and sometimes I just have to detach emotions from a given situation so I don’t make a sloppy fool of myself.

See, that wasn’t so bad! A new blog and it feels pretty good. Not scary at all. I hope I don’t cry…


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