Everything is in limbo right now, or at least that’s how it feels. I have big changes on the horizon, but I don’t want to discuss just yet, will save news for when it is really real and will squee then. Or go, “booooo.”

Until then, I do feel lost in limbo. That actually sounds either like a title to a poem, a band name, or something a Catholic child discusses in catechism. Or possibly all three:

“Introducing, our hot new alternative band, Lost in Limbo, and performing a song of the same name from an album of the same name! It’s a song about being a child in catechism.”

Yeah. ^_^

In the meantime, boss is in trial, so playing catchup at work, which is good. The week before trial is so hectic! Worked on Saturday, which explains why there was no weekend blog–too busy or too tired! Laundry still had to be done, after all!

And spoke to ALL of my kids this weekend, which I loved! Jon’s birthday was the 20th, Chrisser called me on Sunday, and of course, Peter is there all the time, when he’s not sparring with his friends.

Have a great Monday everyone!

One thought on “Limbo

  1. I thought limbo was a dance you did with a bimbo, whose chimp was named simba or was it a dance named samba, or mambo or mamby pamby . . . I’m so tired, don’t ask me to dance again.

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