Wednesday Poetry Prompt – May 25, 2011

The poetry prompt comes from Poetic Asides by Robert Lee Brewer. If you want to try the prompt, go for it! Just go to the prompt of the day, go to comments, and put your poem up! It’s fun and the people there are very encouraging!

The prompt today is “Priorities.”


A page a day?
You can do better than that.
But the pressure
of a page
makes it much more
to come up with prose.

On the other hand,
if I let myself
(my imagination)
run wild
and write as much as I want
as often as I can
I have
a fifty-page


As your daughter,
I wanted to be
part of your life.

Of course I did, I loved you.

But you were full of fear
or pain
that you hid behind,
telling us kids:

“It hurts too much
to see you, and not
get to keep you.”

I try to imagine your pain.

How can it compare with
the pain of a child
with no anchor?

No father in the audience
at recitals and plays.

No father at home wanting
to interview her dates.

No father for the
father/daughter dance
at her wedding?

I find myself
on the sidelines.
Hearing about you
from others; witnesses to your
life. They know you, I don’t.
I hear them say, “Wow, you
look just like your dad!”


“He loved you so much.”

Really? How can you tell?
I want to yell at them,
scream that he was not the man
they thought he was,
the man who raised my
stepmother’s children
so lovingly.


9 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompt – May 25, 2011

  1. Hi – I’d like you to consider putting this up at I think it’s powerful and I know a few people who would be helped perhaps by hearing these words.

    Go to the site, or just call the submission line at 951-665-8161 and read it into the voice mail.

    Whatever you decide, thank you for sharing this.

    Buddah Moskowitz

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  3. Wonderful poems Domino thought they were terrific over on ” the street”.
    Lovely site… Agree with Buddah on the reading…. Also…you might think about having your name out there more prominently…. If you are on Facebook come on and join us at PA friends…just get in touch with me… CONGRATS AND 😦 on the book contract… TO A PERFECT FIT!

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