Such a fun night

Went to a book signing at the Poisoned Pen – John Scalzi was the draw, and let me say, if you enjoy Sci-Fi at all, his books are a must! Old Man’s War is one of my favorites of his. Just sayin’. I got there a few minutes late, which I hate because it is just so rude. No good excuses, just lost track of time. So I sat down next to a really pretty, really nice young lady who looked terribly familiar, and had a very entertaining time listening to the Q&A, etc. Also with Mr. Scalzi was a newish young author, Sam Sykes. Mr. Sykes writes fantasy, and his books look very promising. I am definitely going to read them, simply based on the excerpt he read in which a man and a monkey have an argument about evolution. If the rest of his book is as entertaining I will definitely have a new author to add to my list of favorites.

Incidentally, both Sam Sykes and John Scalzi signed my Nook cover, which  falls right in with my plan to have the coolest Nook cover around. See, I’m going to have ALL the authors sign it when I go to signings, and soon it will be covered with the all the great authors’  signatures! It will be like that wall in Powell’s bookstore in Portland, all covered with signature goodness!

And, I found out, just now, that the person I was sitting next to at the signing was Cherie Priest! Damn! I love her books! If  I had only realized in time why she looked so familiar… Lost opportunity! 😛 I hate when that happens!


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