More Corsets

Work is progressing on the corset. I have completed the actual parts, and have added the boning, and am in the process of putting the edging on–a royal pain I might add–and that is taking much longer than I think it should. After this, I will put in grommets and lacings and it will be done.

I discovered that the sewing pens out there that look like markers and say they are disappearing ink–yeah, they really are disappearing ink. I marked the pieces last week and never got to finish the sewing. This week I had to remark the pieces. It seems the ink disappears under heat, like when you iron the fabric. I guess being in a sunny room in an Arizona home wreaks havoc with disappearing ink. LOL

I really had no idea I was going to use so much thread. But there is a lot of back and forth and up and down stitching to strengthen the garment. Just as an indicator, I have made a full length gown with a full skirt and used perhaps two bobbins, maybe three, worth of thread. This corset has devoured four and a half bobbins so far and I think I will probably get to five full bobbins at least, and it is an undergarment. But it will never, ever break. The sheer weight of thread alone will keep it from ever breaking, guaranteed.

When it is done I will take photos and post them.

Good times. ^_^


6 thoughts on “More Corsets

  1. What do you use for the boning? Back in the day, they used like whale bones or something? But more modern ones depending on how cheap they are, range from plastic to steel. Just curious. I love corsets. ^_^!

    • Luckily, nobody uses whale boning anymore (It was made from the baleen from those gentle baleen-type whales, sad.)
      I have two types of steel boning. I used flat metal strips for the busk in the front, and then some spiral steel boning for the rest.

      This is the flat metal boning: (not a very good picture. Just imagine a white steel Popsicle stick in a longer length and width.

      This is what the spiral steel looks like:

      Guessing the lengths is the hard part. I have all kinds of sizes… I suppose they are all useful depending on the corset you’re making. I am making one that laces on the sides and in the back, the better to fit the figure, I suppose!

      • Wow, that’s really cool! When I was a kindergoth, I used to buy the cheap plastic corsets from Hot Topic. xD Pretty much I had no money after I went there. But then I learned there’s something called quality…

  2. I’ve actually taken those cheap Hot Topic corsets and re-boned them using steel. Saves you a lot of money!

    And THANK YOU for those links. I’ve been dying to find a new place for boning. ❤

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