Wednesday Poetry

The poetry prompt comes from Poetic Asides by Robert Lee Brewer. If you want to try the prompt, go for it! Just go to the prompt of the day, go to comments, and put your poem up! It’s fun and the people there are very encouraging!

Today’s prompt is “Don’t start that again!”

O You Flower!

How your beauteous
petals wave
and your stamens
and your pistils
that lovely
food for bees
and sexual juice
(such as it is)
and share that
that floating
with me.


Please Stop

I was so proud
when my sister
stopped smoking.

She started running
to keep off the weight
and keep her mind off

She runs marathons now

Of course, her husband quit too
and her son.

But when I visited recently
my sister had discovered
her son was smoking again.

“Oh my God” she said.
“I wish he would stop.”
what I have said to her
for so many years.

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