I can no longer deny it, the summer heat is really here and I suppose there will be no break from it until September or so. Often, Arizona has days in the nineties and hundreds all the way through October. (Yeah, my kids did not get Halloween costumes with fur involved. Just too hot.)

And so endless-seeming nights begin with the A/C/ set either too cold or too hot; I’m either struggling with my sheets or looking for them all night long. And the weekend days seem to drag because it is just so much effort to do much of anything, especially if it involves going out into the day. An oft repeated phrase at my house: “The sun is trying to kill me.”

I know there are so many people that would love to live here, but I think I prefer the cold winters and lovely summers to this incessant furnace. Then again, ask me later, in February, when everyone else is digging their car out of snow drifts and I am breakfasting on the patio.

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