Wednesday Poetry

Darling Sister

Why don’t you want me
to help?
I haven’t seen you in so long
and news of your
has me saddened and stunned.

I want to be there for you
to talk with you
hug you
tell you it will all be

I want to hold you
when you cry
and make you laugh
the pain away.

But you want to be strong
so you just keep doing
your day-to-day stuff.
Your kids lives are paramount
to you.
But they won’t be around forever.
They will be off,
leading their own lives
sooner than you think.

And I will always be your sister
wanting to spend time with you
and love you.

Let me in.

* * *

Summer in Arizona

Ah Summer
You’ve been gone so long
and yet
how well I remember
the sweltering car
with molten steering-wheel,
the tarry pavement
scorching the thin soles
of my sandals
the ever-present buzz of the cicadas,
the swimming pool, as warm as a bath,
and the scent of sunscreen.

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