I  love Fridays. When I was in school, Fridays were the day everyone was finally released for at least two blessed days to do something besides what the teachers wanted. I was a particularly indifferent student: if I wasn’t interested in the subject I didn’t do very well in it. Also, if the teacher didn’t interest me, or was too cold, I did not perform well. Now that I think of my school life I am reminded of that children’s book “Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel.”  His steam shovel, “Mary Anne” always worked harder and faster the more people were watching.

For me, maybe it was more approval I was looking for. If I felt an approving audience, I performed marvelously, even if I didn’t completely “get” whatever it was I was trying to learn. Under the tutelage of Mr. Corn (my HS algebra teacher) I passed Algebra I and II. This despite most vehemently NOT being a math person. He convinced me to give Geometry a try. It was a dismal failure, mostly because he was not tutoring me anymore. Ask me someday how I managed a B in that class. (Hint *It was not through trickery, but something close to that. ^_^)

So here it is, Friday, and isn’t it true that a little of that heady I-can’t-wait-to-be-released feeling is a carryover from school days? Maybe.

Happy Friday everyone!

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