No, I’m not quitting this blog.

I have had one migraine after another lately and have yet to figure out what is causing them. The meds I take help me to function, but leave me with no energy and no will to do anything but slog along.

Certainly I will return to a more regular blog when this clears up. (I have dealt with a situation like this “daily migraine” thing before, and have gotten through.)

So I press onward. I am trying various methods, including a magnesium supplement (which I hear might help) and more sleep (which I LOVE but haven’t seen an effect yet) as well as less coffee and more water (can’t hurt).




2 thoughts on “No, I’m not quitting this blog.

  1. I’m sorry you aren’t feeling well, I know the feeling lately. :C I’ve been battling migraines for a week or so now. Hope you feel better soon! ❤

  2. Thanks Daria. I’ve been battling them for about a month or six weeks—the time melts together, doesn’t it—and especially this past week.

    Hope you feel better soon too! ^_^

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