Weekend Adventures

This weekend was not as productive, sewing-wise, as I had expected it to be. Saturday and Sunday Ted went to visit his brother  and I opted to stay home to sew. However, Saturday morning, I spent much of the time helping Ted get ready to go and making pie for him to take with him. Once he had gone, I started working on bloomers. (Yes bloomers. They are not necessarily “period” but they are more comfortable than people give them credit for. Plus they prevent chafing.)

Of course I picked the more complicated pattern, because I’m a glutton for punishment, I guess, and so I got stuck.

So when my son Chris and his girlfriend Ashley came over, I was ready to be distracted. We went to a party my friend Susan was having. (Her Artist Coming Out party) and then went to see the new Harry Potter movie. Got home late, ate pie, and went to bed totally late.

And of course, got up late in the morning. Resolved to do better, I started cooking bacon to go with bacon and eggs, and went outside to get the paper, and of course, got distracted. So when I came back in, the house was full of black smoke and the bacon was charred.

Waiting for the smoke to clear, it seemed like an excellent time to go check facebook, so I logged on and as soon as I did, my friend Elaine invited me to lunch. (Yes, I woke up that late. I never do that unless unsupervised. Same goes for burning bacon. Apparently, I am not a good person to leave alone and unsupervised. Now that there are no kids at home, if Ted leaves, I am completely irresponsible. Hello, old me!)

So I got dressed and went to lunch with Elaine at this really good restaurant in Chandler, La Casa Blanca. The food was mag and the company was fun. I got home about 3:30. And started back with the bloomers. And after an extensive search, discovered I had no flat lace, so had to run to JoAnn’s Fabrics to get some.  Of course, by the time I got back, it was time to feed the kitties, and warm up leftover mexican food from lunch… and then I got bored with the bloomers and started making cord for lacings and watching TV.

No, not quite the sewing weekend I had envisioned, but to be honest, I did get a lot done on other projects. I let out a dress that was too tight, and added lacings to another one that was too loose. Finished one coif, embroidered it and started two others. Then I decided I look terrible in a coif. 😛  I showed off all my projects to Ashley, who was remarkably patient and kind through it all. (My son was more prosaic. “I’ve already seen that one, mom. Yep. That one too.”)

Ted got home around 10:30 on Sunday night. And sure, I looked busy and composed and such, but secretly, I think I was glad I was no longer an unsupervised menace to society.

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