Oops, I wrote another. ^_^

This is another poem for Poetic Asides. See the previous post for information on Poetic Asides by Robert Lee Brewer!


Love is Deaf and Blind

She looked so average
so pretty and normal.
He fell in love at first sigh,
yes sigh, not sight, 
he was blind.

She, of course, did not hear him
because she was, naturally, 

She fell for him at first touch.

But having no common means of
their relationship was difficult. 

She could read his lips, 
but he kept his head down 
to hide his eyes.

He could not understand
her words, for though
she would talk,
the words were not clear.

Still they persevered
having four normal children
between them.

These were the gifted ones,
able to communicate with
deaf and blind 
and translate the 
and anger
of their parents,
who truly did love each other,
into love.

2 thoughts on “Oops, I wrote another. ^_^

  1. As I wrote over st Poetic Asides truly an exquisite poem….and the next a perfectly served delicious slice of life…. Wonderful…now I will ask that you please find me on FB as I cannot seem to find you….others are searching for you too!

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