Dreaming of Dorinda

I had a lot of trouble sleeping, I kept thinking about my friend (Dorinda Conlon, who passed away Thursday), and trying to forget for a moment that she was gone. And not having a lot of success. The sleep was spotty and the dreams were mostly irrational.

In the early morning hours, however, I did slip into sleep and I dreamed I was running down endless stairs, going toward a parking garage where I knew my friend was waiting. It was a long journey, it seemed hopeless at times, but I wouldn’t give up because in the dream, though I didn’t remember what had happened, I did know I just had to speak to her before it was too late.

Finally, after what seemed like hours of running and searching dim stairwells with poor flourescent lighting, I finally came out onto a landing that led to a parking area. I saw it was empty except for this super-shiny Lime Green jeep wrangler. There was khaki canvas strapped to the top and back and luggage all stowed. It was so her, the bright, sparkly lime green paint and all her baggage. ^_^

In the driver’s seat was Bradley, he gave a smile (you know his sweet smile!) and a half wave and started it up. Dorinda was in the passenger seat and poked her head out the window. And she looked just like she did when I first met her and her kids were still small. Her beautiful hair was in braids framing her face. She was grinning and yelled out in the most cheerful voice imaginable: “Are you ready to go!!”

And I looked at her and Bradley and smiled sadly and shook my head, and I said, “No, I’m not ready yet.” She just grinned at me and waved and yelled out, “Welp. I’m going now. See ya later!” She was waving and smiling so happily.

She was so happy, it made my heart melt.

And I woke up strangely comforted. Still missing her, but still, comforted that she’s okay.


4 thoughts on “Dreaming of Dorinda

  1. If that was not an angel visit, I don’t know what is!! I had the same sort of dream after my mom passed, and after my grandmother passed. I had a dog pass several years before my grandmother, and a cat pass just a few weeks before my mom. In my dream my grandmother had the leash of the dog and they were off for their “afternoon walk” and “could take as long as they wanted, now!” With my mom, grandma and her were finally having that “cup of tea in the garden” that grandma had always wanted…the cat and dog playing in the yard. When I mentioned it to a friend of mine who is a practicing psychic, she said it was the “eternals” way of showing me that they were fine, off on their next adventure! I felt calm, loved, and close to them….and have had dreams ever since from time to time with them in such manners. Relax. Dorinda is doing well!

  2. Thanks, Lars. That is exactly the way I took the dream, that it was her way of telling me she was okay, with her son, and ready for the next adventure. It has really comforted me. ^_^

    I still miss her every day, but I know she is okay.

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