Quote of the Day – Regarding Destiny vs. Freewill

“Life is like a game of cards. The hand that is dealt you represents determinism. The way you play it is free will.”

—JAWAHARLAL NEHRU, Indian statesman

This quote really got me thinking this morning. The debate between destiny and freewill is a religious one for the most part, in which some people argue that G-d has determined our destiny and we have no real choices, and other people argue that man has free will to do as he wishes with his life, and having a predestination goes against that idea.

The idea that both are at work is a novel one to me. The thought that one is dealt a “hand” in a game of cards: a set of values, talents, foibles, inherited traits and whatnot, at birth. And that there must be overlap since there is a finite number of “hands” one can be dealt.

And that what you do with the hand you are dealt is what’s important.

This is a fascinating thought to me. Imagine two people with the same “hand” born on the same day, different sides of the country. Average lives, average families, but one is an optimist and the other is a pessimist.

How different do their lives turn out? How much is influenced by just the choices one makes because of one’s attitude. And how much do they blame/thank their higher power for what they have/don’t have?

Something to think about.


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