Wednesday Poetry

Today’s prompt was difficult for me. It was to take the first line of someone else’s poem and then rename and rewrite the poem and make it your own. Of course I chose something by W.B. Yeats, I love his poetry. I chose “Against Unworthy Praise” because I liked the first line, and I thought I could think of something else to tell my troubled heart:

Still, Passions, Still

(after W.B. Yeats)

O Heart, be at peace because

Nothing more can be done

To cure a love with all its flaws,

To make two hearts be one,

Or return the remiss love;

It cannot be recovered.

Though you pray to gods above;

Though you wail; you beat, you flail;

Fresh passion you’ve discovered;

Poor heart, you cannot prevail.


Learn the calm and lasting peace,

Heart, they say will soon prevail

With time and luck, the pain will cease,

Be more mellow and more pale.

Right now this bitter-sweet relief

Is not what passion craves

It throws itself upon the rocks

It wants to rave, to storm!

In time, if my poor heart behaves

I know it can transform.

Find the prompt at the Poetic Asides website. It is a site you must register for if you wish to add a poem, but you can read all the poems if you click on comments for today’s prompt.


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