Wednesday Poetry

I know, I had a few weeks off for being sick. 😛  But the good news is I’m well now, and have actually written two poems for the prompt today. The prompt was to write something to do with the idea of disguises.  Here is my attempt:

Play it, Sam

I smile, I nod
I walk and talk
I’m efficient
and capable
and ever so smart

But that is the me
that works at a desk
in an office
in a fancy building
with travertine tiles
and elegant decor

The real me
is at home
wearing worn sweats
and no shoes
with a cat on my lap
and Casablanca on TCM

Cathy Earnshaw

Trying so hard to be
Catherine Linton

yet the moors
and Heathcliff
so persistently

She knows who she really is.

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