The prompt is above, and since it’s Tuesday we get two prompts to choose from. Or do one of each. Or more. ^_^ I did the two below, which kind of intertwine. I think looking at the same thing from two perspectives is what I’ve done here. (It’s not too late to join the November Poem-a-Day Challenge! )


The long weekend

stretches ahead.

Oh, the things I will do,
I think,
putting the chores
on a list
so very

When Monday comes
the weekend 
is gone,
of course,
and the chores
mostly undone.

Yet, I am feeling 
pretty good about life
in general.

The things that were done
	(long walks)
that were not
on any list
	(telephone talks)
were far more
	(book read)
than ticking off
the items 
	(time fled)
on that 
stupid list.

The Important Things Aren't Things

Thank you note written?
Cookies baked for sick brother-in-law?

Visit with good friend?
Storybook given to friend’s son?

Homeless kitties fed?
Load of stuff dropped at Goodwill?

Though the laundry isn’t done
I think I’ve still
made a dent
in the world

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