Sort of…

Today’s prompt is to use the words “Sort of” as the jumping off point of the poem. Strangely, it made me wake up and feel all kinds of things in the creation. The second poem was a kind of bonus that was still lurking in my brain after I thought I was done. I just wrote the first few words and got lost in the creation of it, then there it was. My muse is weird sometimes, but I love her anyway. Here are my two poems for today:

Sort of Like That

Sort of like that shocking vertigo you get when you 
walk unknowingly into the spray of a sprinkler
and you wonder why it’s suddenly raining 
on such a bright sunny day.

Sort of like that sense of deja vu when you 
meet someone on the street or at a café
or maybe at the grocery store, someone 
you just thought of and really
wanted to talk to.

Sort of like when you’re laying on your back
in a field or on a hill outside, watching the
clouds flow quickly by, shapes changing
and you see a house or a heart or an

Sort of like opening a door when someone else
is trying to open it from the other side, and
you meet at the threshold, laughing.

Sort of like when you wake from a dream of
someone you love, and somehow, they
really are there with you, when you
thought you’d been parted for 
all these years.

Sort of like that.

Trust is a Fragile Thing

Sort of open, 
yet half closed
my heart waivers, 
wants to trust
but then it seems 
my heart knows,
knows the throes
the pain spent, 
worry sent, 
trouble lent.
to scar you more
it closes once again.


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