The prompt today is to write a poem about the unexpected. And once again, I find myself with too much to say, so I wrote two. Just wait, I sometimes get to a point during these prompt-a-day months that I do four to seven in one day, and then taper back. I think my muse, with proper exercise and encouragement, tends to get a bit cocky.

Here are the two unexpected poems:


What Could be More Unexpected?

Digging up treasure in my own back yard.

Getting paid to carry a library card.

Jumping from a plane and sprouting wings.

A Cracker Jack box filled with diamond rings.

Winning the lottery two or three times.

An old fashioned phone booth that still takes dimes.

Flying direct to the stars above me.

Finally realizing you really do love me.


How Could I Not Know This?

I learned

to my dismay

that being home alone,


right after Halloween,

a Halloween in which



graced our home,

and though I gave


of candy away,

a huge bowl of



testament to my

eternal optimism

in the face of


Halloween attendance,

the gist of which is:

Being home alone

with Halloween candy

calling my name,

and making rude suggestions

about bringing the bowl

to the couch,


it’s just not safe.


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