Today’s prompt is “broken.” Just that, a word that has so many implications, at least to me. And this is a bit on the dark side for an optimist like me, but this is where my muse led me today.




As a child,

the world we’re born into

is whole.


There are generally parents


aunts and uncles

siblings and cousins.


This is our life

this is all we know.


And eventually,

sometimes sooner

sometimes later,

someone dies

and leaves our



a little less whole.


And we grow and

learn and

people come into

our lives.





later, bosses

and coworkers

and eventually


love comes along.


And our world gets bigger

with each addition

but also

a little smaller

with each loss.


And we discover

that everyone,


is from a world

that was once whole

and with each loss

becomes more



And in fact,

the people that raised us,

they were broken

for as long as we’ve

known them.


And as life goes on

and the older each of us gets

the more broken

our world is,

the more people

we are missing.

And somehow, even making

more additions

does not take away

the weight

of the loss.


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