Wow, today’s prompt was kind of a shock at first glance. Addiction? Seriously? But that’s because of my first thought: drug addiction and all the baggage that goes with that. So then I thought about other ways to be addicted. I think I’ve come up with a whimsical-enough solution to suit my nature. ^_^

My Crafty Addiction

It started with cooking

to help mom save time

helping with dinner

at about age nine.

That turned to baking.

I just love to bake:

cookies and candy

bread, pie and cake.

As a young woman

I learned how to sew

I worked at a theater

making costumes to go.

Then I took up knitting

and crochet and more:

Yoga and ceramics

and camping galore.

And writing, wow, writing

Now that is so fun!

Novels and poetry;

I’ve only begun!

Lately I’ve looked at

making jewelry too.

Cliff diving? Gardening?

I’ll just add a few.

But I have a question

It’s not that hard to see:

Am I running my life,

or is it running me?


2 thoughts on “Addiction

  1. I love that creative energy! That’s the force of the Divine! Don’t stop it – keep creating. My six word story is “God created, and so must I” – sounds like your story too.

    Bril – thanks Moskowitz

    (pls- consider calling this poem into my site – it’s free – just a call 951-665-8161 – try it! Thanks again – buddy mosk)

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