What Won’t Wait

Today’s prompt is an excellent bit of alliteration—What won’t wait.  I don’t have much, just two ideas that popped in and so I wrote what I was thinking. I don’t feel quite satisfied. I may have another thought that will come up later. All the same, here are my efforts of two things that just won’t wait.

It Couldn’t Wait?

Clouds, pendulous
with imminent 

Umbrella in my car, 
of course,
the fat drops falling, 
beginning to pick up 
some real

Really, what else can I do
but laugh 
and dance a little jig
hopping puddles
as I make my way
through the 
to the car.


This Really Won’t Wait

I’ve been anxious,
for so long
but now that the moment
is finally here
I really wish I could
put this off
just a bit longer.

The contractions
keep on coming
taking all my focus
all my energy
and any small distraction
annoys me like no other.

But now 
the doctor is urging me
to push
and so
I do.
As hard as I can
and breathless
and tired
and still
uncertain if
I can really do this,
my son is born.

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