Today’s Prompt (two for Tuesday) is to write about something Paranormal and/or write about something Normal. And I ended up with what usually happens on a Tuesday. I think I’m writing one of each, but when I look at them later, I notice that both poems look at both topics. Here they are:

Nothing to See Here

It’s nothing, really,
just this little
I sometimes get.

I’m not sure it’s
what you’d call

Just enough that
it really must only
be intuition.

Like the eyes I
have on the
back of my head
(I am a mother
after all)
and the way
I always knew
when my little ones
were in trouble;
when the phone
is about to ring;
when the timer is
about to go off.

It’s nothing, really.

And if I hear
my grandmother
(or your grandmother)
telling me something
that’s not much
is it?



The day the invaders arrived
we were all at the little
diner down on
Main Street.

It was a perfectly normal
day. Nothing much
was happening.

The aliens were hideous.
They were enormous
unlike the rest of us,
had slick smooth
and almost hairless

They walked on
two legs!
And as if that weren’t
horrible enough,
they talked
out loud to each other!
They had no telepathy
at all!

It was horrible,
I tell ya!

So when Brucie
got the idea
to take ‘em all out,
we all had to agree.

We were only bein’
after all.

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