______ or _______

The prompt today was really difficult for me, but only because there are so very many options to pick from. Choose a phrase using _____ or _____ (i.e., this OR that, high OR low, flat OR fluffy, creamy OR crunchy, ranch OR Italian, etc). It’s always so hard to decide. Anyway, I chose two variations on the theme. Here they are.


Paper or Plastic?

We’ve all heard this once or twice
and have opinions on what’s nice
to haul our groceries away.
But I usually bring my own net bags
(and a couple made from t-shirt rags
that have a certain cool cachet)
I do sometimes get funny glances
but really don’t mind taking chances;
I just don’t care what people say.

Paper or plastic?


Cut or choose?

This is what I
told my kids
when there was only

The ultimate
fair solution to
the problem of
two kids
and only one piece left
(of cake or pie or cornbread).

When they first heard,
“He gets to cut it,”
one would beam
and the other groan.
But then I would add,
“But your brother gets to choose
which one he wants.”
And the looks changed
to puzzlement
and torture.

The most even pieces
in the world
(of cake or pie or cornbread)
were produced at my house
when my boys got to
cut or choose.


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