A Different Perspective

That’s the prompt.  To write about things from a different perspective. Aaand I ended up with two poems about trees. Maybe the first one got me thinking about trees in one way and then I naturally went to the second point of view. It’s okay. I like trees. ^_^

Sour Apples
My favorite place
at my great-grandma’s
was in the yard
and up the apple tree.

It gave small, sour,
hard green apples
and they were
only good for
feeding the horse
in the pasture next door.

But there was a branch
that jutted out

And with my book,
I would perch in that
perfect spot
with a pillow
and one of those
awful apples
and read
until it was
too dark to see.

I was routinely
to Pemberly
or Tarzan’s jungle
or aboard the Nautilus
or beyond the stars
or to the center of the earth
or in Ali Baba’s cave.

Open sesame!

Multiple Uses

To us a tree is
something we use.
It is for making paper
or for landscaping,
or to use to build a bonfire,
or for making boards
and furniture
or floors.

Trees produce fruits
and are good to build
a treehouse in sometimes.

And who doesn’t love
Christmas trees?

But to a bird,
a tree is the right place
for a nest.

To a squirrel,
a tree is the playground
they like best.

To an inchworm,
it is a mighty long

To a woodpecker,
it is a larder and a
very comfy wall.

To a termite,
it is an endless supply
of food.

To a bee,
that hollow place
for a hive is good.

For a bear cub
it is the place to be
in time-out.

And for the starlings
in my yard
it’s just the place to shout.


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