Math! (Math and/or Numbers)

A prompt to strike terror into my math-phobic heart. All the same, I’ve done my best, battle my fear, and come up with my usual two. And I don’t know how much actual math is involved, but here they are anyway. 😛

Three Hundred and Seventy Nine

That’s the number of years
my family has been
in this country;
in fact,
they’ve been here long
before it was one.

Roger Terrill landed in Boston
in September 1632.

We may think of Boston
as it is now,
but at the time,
it was a rough frontier town
with few amenities.

And when he left Boston
that spring
to start a new colony
there were not even
dirt roads.

It was likely
a roughly blazed

They found a place
for a town
and fought the wilderness
to hold on.

They built a life with
their own hands
and raised children
who carried on the
family name.

Three hundred and seventy nine
years ago.

Math for an English Major

“Math has become
a nightmare
for Diana.”

The words on my
grade 3 report card
remain true.



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