The prompt for the Poem-a-Day challenge today is “Excess.” This was a relief. I was so distressed over yesterday’s math prompt I was relieved to have a normal prompt. I wrote two poems about excess: One is about my own difficulties and another is about other people. You’ll see what I mean.


Too Much Food

Pot roast made for six or eight

Dessert as well, you’d wager

The hearty appetites to sate

of two or three teenagers.


Homemade lasagna, oven baked

with garlic bread all toasty

This kind of cooking can’t be faked

and that’s not being boasty.


Since nine or ten I’ve baked the bread

I was my mom’s apprentice

My sibs and then my kids were fed

Mountainous meals momentous.


And so you see why now I find

myself in a bit of trouble.

My recipes all seem so blind

to cook for just a couple.


I try to make the meals more small

Enough for two is plenty

But always fall under the thrall

of food for more than twenty.


I watch my waistline with concern

It’s having such a high time.

I think with practice I can learn

to cook meals for two this lifetime.


In the meanwhile the neighborhood

stray cats and dogs are thriving

on all the leftover meals and such

on my front porch arriving.




Dumpster Diving

In our neighborhood

we find

so many people

are so wasteful

as to throw things


when they are perfectly




This may sound gross

and I’m sure


will think it




I go

dumpster diving.


It’s not for me,

it’s just that

I can’t abide things


in a landfill

when local


can surely use

and sell

those things.


Though I admit,

I did find

a perfectly lovely

steamer trunk

from 1919 one time

and now

it is my living room

coffee table.


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