World Kindness Day

And because it is world kindness day, the prompt today is “kindness.” I thought a long time about what I would write about. And decided on one of the biggest mysteries in my life. Who was that man? Why didn’t he allow me to thank him? I thank him here and now, and if a reader recognizes himself, please speak up. Or at least, accept my undying gratitude.



A young mom

with three young kids

pulls into the station

to put a few bucks

worth of gas

into her barely

running car.


All three are buckled in


She must go pay the cashier.

She puts the car in park,

pulls the emergency

brake. (Does it even work?)


She steps away for one




Inside the car, little feet,

bored by the waiting,

are kicking.

Kicking at the

gear shift

among other things.


And the car slips

into neutral.

And gravity

pulls the

car (the emergency brake

does NOT work!)

down the

slight incline,

picking up speed,

toward the busy



From the kiosk,

the mother sees her


rolling toward the street

and runs.


Too late, it’s too late

the car is going out

into the street.


And a homeless man

(an angel in disguise?)

steps out

into traffic, and turns

the wheel,

allowing the car

to roll to a stop



The mother,


runs up and

(thank you, thank you, thank you!)

tries to thank the man

who shrugs off

her gratitude

and shoulders

his pack

and walks


leaving four lives

forever changed

by his



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