Every April and every November, Robert gives this prompt. Possibly because love and anti-love are endless topics. But sometimes it’s hard to think of a new way to approach it. At any rate, here is my attempt at a love poem, and an anti-love poem.

My Heart is Yours

Why do poets
ascribe love
to that muscle,
that one in the
center of our chests?

Is it because my love
is like the very blood
that pours and
through my veins
and arteries
and reviving
every minute,
every day?

Is it because
that feeling of
joy, that feeling
that the one person
in the universe for you
is near
centers there,
in the middle
of the chest?

Is it because every


Love’s Antithesis

A winter wind blows inside
It’s not hate at all
It feels more like apathy.


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