Once Upon a _______

Today’s prompt is another “fill-in-the-blank” prompt. I ran with it. It kind of stole some of yesterday’s theme, though. That happens. Here is my attempt… And remember, no poets were harmed in the making of this poem.

Once Upon a Broken Heart

Once upon a summer night
at the park, under the lights
children rolling down the hill
tumbling, giggling, laughter shrill
Thinking that for once I’m right
about you.

Once upon a sunny day
I thought to go but said I’d stay
snuggled up with you so close
Heart to heart and nose to nose
Gladly dancing love’s ballet
with you.

Once upon a starlit night
Words were spoken, seemed so right
And so binding our two hearts
whispered words, we’d never part
holding close with all my might
to you.

Once upon a stormy day
You said what I had thought you’d say
And harshly, coldly, had to part
Things you’d done had torn apart
our love, turned the world to gray
without you.

Once upon an afternoon,
years later, true, and none too soon
we met again in awkward grace
and found our hearts had kept the place
bookmarked; I was still in tune
with you.

Once upon a broken heart
We’d fallen hard, but had to part
but only so we’d learn true love
is something sent from heaven above
If love you’ll have, I’ll never depart
from you.


2 thoughts on “Once Upon a _______

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