The prompt today was to write a poem that reveals something. I thought I would try a “Dominotion” form, of course, because it’s so new and I don’t want to lose the rhythm of it.  Plus, if you invented a new poetic form, wouldn’t you want to use it too? LOL Well, I do anyway. Here is my poem of revelation:

Random Thoughts About Exposure

When writing poems it’s always hard
to transfer from a heart that’s scarred
the very depths and lonely deeps.
My shattered heart so quietly creeps
and thus admits that I am scarred
to all.

When writing letters to my friends
and kin, I find that poetry lends
a kind of rhythm to my words.
I sometimes think I sound absurd,
so often I don’t even send
at all.

When writing every day, it’s true,
I oft attempt to just slash through
the wordy phrases way too long
that must be cut, they’re not as strong
as shorter prose. I start anew
without all.

When writing prose I try to soar
as others do and so ignore
the darkness lurking just behind
the other thoughts inside my mind.
Am I more than I was before
at all?

When writing anything at all
I try within my silly scrawl
to share the bits that I can bear,
my heart upon my sleeve to wear,
to hold my muse within my thrall
sharing all.


One thought on “Revelation

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