It’s Too Late

The prompt today was to write an “it’s too late” poem. I pondered, and felt in a ballady mood. (Yes, that means a mood to write something ballad-like.) I think it’s rough, but it was ten kinds of fun. ^_^ Here is my try:


A young Egyptian maid in love
with one of Pharaoh’s men.
They meet in secret every night,
they feel the strangest yen.
She says she will marry him,
But she can’t tell him when.
Then her love is called to war.
“I love you little wren!”

And he is gone and she is left
She ne’er sees him again.

Another life, another maid,
this time she’s from Bahrain
and her dear love’s a carpenter
who builds ships for his gain.
They meet in secret every night
His love for her is plain.
But an accident one day
takes him away in pain.

And he is gone and she is left.
She is alone again.

This life she is a Chinese lass
She is a peasant’s child.
They meet in secret every night
He tells her she’s beguiled
him from his lawful wife,
They’ll run into the wild.
They find it to their liking
but the tigers also smiled.

This time they both are moving on
but their love is gone once more.

Another life, another maid
Who lives in Istanbul.
Her love this time’s a teacher
who teaches at the school.
They meet in secret every night
He swears he is love’s fool
But then he lost his head one day,
her Sultan-father’s cruel.

And he is gone and she is left
without her love once more.

She is born a citizen
of privilege in Rome.
He is but a serving-man
who works within her home.
They meet in secret every night,
her father’s not a fan.
He ends up a gladiator
without any battle plan.

And he is gone and she is left,
she ne’er sees him again.

Her next life as a viking girl
is short and not so sweet.
He dies before he sees her,
before they even meet.
And she is always mournful;
she never feels complete.
She dies of plague so weary
and filled with sad defeat.

And they are gone and never met
and must go on again.

And now she is a Scottish lass
and he’s a buccaneer
sailing up and down the coast.
She is his darlin’ dear.
They meet in secret when they can
until he disappears.
Her life is long and empty, then,
through all the lonely years.

She finally moves on again,
and try again once more.

Eventually born in modern times;
they don’t believe in love.
They meet one day and time stands still
not knowing what they speak of,
they never meet in secret once,
they’re always hand-in-glove,
and eventually they just give in
and thank their stars above.

And this time when they both move on
they’ve lived long lives together
Their love was worth the fighting for,
worth waiting for, forever.



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