Today’s prompt is so apropos because it IS the busiest travel day of the year. And so I mulled and thought until I came up with this poem. An idea about travel and beginnings and endings.

EDIT: And another came to me sitting at work. ^_^ Don’t turn away the muse when she hollers, that’s one of my mottoes. The second is below, and yes, it IS a little gloaty. Get over it and move south. ^_^


Before we’re born
we travel with our mums
everywhere they go.
We are carried
right beneath her heart.

And after birth, we are carried
for as long as we can’t walk
and before our
demand to
all by ourself.

After that,
the trips begin
to get

Trips to the bathroom.
Alone, Mommy!!
Trips to a play date
and running across the park
and visiting neighbors
or grandma.

Before too long,
its off to school and
daily rides on the bus
or by bicycle.

And as we grow,
the trips get longer,
further away
from the beginning
we move away,
and our parents no longer
get to say
where we go
what we do
who we see.

But hopefully
we choose to visit
when we can
at the holidays
and make special trips
back in time
to visit with those
who started our feet
on our lives’ path.

And hopefully,
we will be there with them
when they make their
own last journey


Maybe a Road-Trip South is in Order?

Winter in the Southwest:
the weather is grand
yet we’re all too aware
of the vast snowy land
not too far to the north
where so many dwell.
But let me say this:
the weather here’s swell
this time of year and I
can’t help but boast
because while others freeze,
we can sit here and toast
our arms and our legs
in the warm winter sun.
It sounds like a lie but
it’s true and it’s fun.
We eat turkey outside
on the patio here
Family and friends
pie and cold beer.
So if you are weary of
rain, sleet and snow,
come visit Arizona
you’re welcome, you know!


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