Against the Odds

The last prompt for the Poem-a-day November challenge was to write a poem using the thought: Against the Odds. All day the muse escaped me, but here at the end of the work day, she shyly peers around the corner.

Rarely Seen Treasures

Two matching snowflakes,
A triple-yolked egg,
Branches just set for climbing,
Round hole and round peg.

A magnificent home run
that everyone sees,
A perfect term paper,
Really cute knees.

Neighborhood dogs that
just don’t like to bark.
Lighting a fire that
starts with one spark.

Finding the perfectly
right life-long mate
And finding him young
so you don’t have to wait.

These are all things that
come seldom, if at all
so if one comes to you,
damn it, don’t drop the ball!


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