PAD Chapbook

Well, the poem-a-day challenge is over for November. There will be another in April and I find I’m already looking forward to that. And at least we will still have our regularly scheduled Wednesday Poetry Prompts.  And what, you may ask, is the point of all of this poeming and writing and such? The purpose in general, for me anyway, is to challenge myself to write more often, in a more focused way, and accomplish the goal, that of writing at least one poem a day, on the given topic, for thirty days.

Which I’ve done. ^_^

And the other point is, in November anyway, to prepare a chapbook. What is a chapbook? Well, from what I can tell, it’s like a draft book of poems, or a kind of summary of work. Something like that. And the poets are invited to submit the chapbook to Robert Brewer, he of the Poetic Asides blog on the Writer’s Digest website, and Robert will take all of the chapbooks, read them, and declare a winner.

I’m not one to generally enter this type of contest because I love the other poets work so well, it seems silly. ^_^ On the other hand, it is good practice for writing for a deadline, and composing chapters (or at least an order of poems). It seems this is something that I’ve learned well during this challenge, and the others I’ve participated in. So I will submit a chapbook, knowing full well I am not “competing.” The thought makes me giggle, (Dammit Jim, I’m a writer, not a poet!) Though I think I have improved, mainly from brushing shoulders with giants. There are some amazing poets out there, and if you enjoy poetry (or write poetry) I would suggest you read the Poetic Asides blog. If you click on the comments for any prompt in particular, the poems unfold like stars in the night sky. ^_^


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