While you were gone

The theme today is “while you were gone.” I had a few ideas, but these two popped to the surface. The second one is not necessarily about me; for instance, I don’t drink and never have, more than socially anyway. It is more a generic idea…and it is also non-denominational because that is important to me. So, here they are. ^_^

A Day in the Life

I missed you all night
since you wouldn’t let me into bed
with you.

And slept, curled up,
at the foot of the stairs.

I was so happy to see you this morning
I was probably a little too excited
and irritated you before you’d had
your coffee.

But luckily, we had breakfast together.
I’m not so fond of that dry cereal,
but you bought it for me
and I love you so.

And now you’re gone again
and I’m home alone
all day.

I didn’t mean to chew your shoes
but they smell like you
and I just couldn’t

It’s boring in the yard
with no one to play
with me.

And when you get home
the last thing you want
is me on your lap.

Please, please,
let me love you…

I’m only a dog
but I have a big heart
I’ll love you with
for life.


While You Were Gone

I lived my life in a sort of daze
I thought I was living it up.
I drank too much,
I opened doors that should have
remained closed.

I was reckless, I admit it.
I didn’t care who I hurt
but it turns out
I was hurting myself
most of all.

And now that I’ve let
Your light back
into my life
I realize
how empty I’ve been
without You,


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