Box, boxes. boxen?

Well, that was the Wednesday prompt. To use box or boxes in the poem. I have three little poems. ^_^ Here they are. (And Happy Solstice or Yule to you all!)

The plural of ox
is oxen, of course, so why
not boxen for box?


In the lobby two
boxes overflowing with
Toys-for-Tots this year.


Boxing Day

A holiday I don’t celebrate
nor do most of us in the States
though I kind of wish
we did.

The theory is that
the master of the house
would trade places
with one of his underlings,
say, the butler.
(What is butling anyway?)
And the mistress of the house
would swap duties
with her maid.

Of course, not having
servants (I wish!)
it would have to be
a role reversal
at work,
though I don’t know
quite how well that
would work out
because, after all,
I am no attorney
and my boss can’t type
half as well as I can.


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