And I found I had one more poem to add today. Yes, it does have to do with the prompt, “Box” but you’ll find I don’t mention the word at all. ^_^  Here it is:

What could she have been thinking that late and fateful day?
Maybe she’d been drinking and just could not obey.
She’d been told by Zeus not to ope that fabled coffer.
He knew he could induce her to reject that offer.
For she had such endowments that only gods bestow
Grace and lovely raiment, and craft and guile and woe.
And one more little thing, just curiosity
That led her then to bring the world atrocity.
But luckily one more feathery thing was there.
That helps even the score with the evil everywhere.
So don’t forget the hope when world’s woes get you down.
For it can help you cope and take away your frown.



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