Fresh Start

The prompt came in late because everyone thought it was Monday on Tuesday and then naturally thought it was Tuesday on Wednesday. So the prompt was “fresh start.” And since I’m reading Stephen King’s “11/22/63” I instantly thought of changing history, so.


Time Machine

Oh, to go back
in time
to fix a few things
that might be better

But what to fix?

If I erased my first
then I wouldn’t have
my three boys
(or at least,
not the same ones,
and I love the ones
I’ve got).

If I erased the hard times,
when I was a struggling
single mom,
would that erase
everything I learned
from the struggle

And those hard words
I wanted to take back?
Well, I learned not to
say things in
a fit of anger,
so perhaps it’s best
to let it be.

Maybe what I
really need
is just appreciation
for the perspective
it took so long
to achieve.


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