New Year

Starting off the new year with the plague—okay, fine, acute tonsilitis—isn’t my idea of a good time. But perhaps this way I will be more grateful for my health the rest of the year. It seems to me that we do live in an amazing day and age, even without flying cars and fighting robots and shuttles to the moon. I took my hybrid car to the Walgreens clinic and for a copay of $15 and for another $15 for antibiotics I am on the road to recovery. I stopped by the grocery for bread and ginger ale and creamsicles to ease my throat. Just thinking for a moment about the way products from across the planet have affected me this morning does lead to a bit of awe. Hybrid Nissan from Japan, tires made in Illinois, the LPN from Boston, and the antibiotics manufactured (possibly) in India and cough drops from Salinas.

Just think of all the trucks bringing all the things to all the stores, all so they would be there for my convenience. Kind of mind boggling. Maybe it’s the fever.

Happy New Year! May 2012 bring you all everything you wish for, and a few surprises just for fun. ^_^



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