Unstoppable Force

The prompt came  in a timely way because last night, in the middle of when I should be sleeping, probably around 1:30 a.m., I was still thinking. Words were racing through my mind and I knew I would never be able to sleep until I wrote them down. So I turned on the light and wrote this poem. It really does seem to fit today’s prompt, but maybe not quite the way the prompt was intended… LOL No freight trains or runaway cars, but this poem was an unstoppable force in that I was not allowed to sleep until I wrote it down.  And the force I’m writing about is only unstoppable in the softest of ways.

Delicate readers: beware the topic… it is a bit racy. ^_^ All others? Enjoy!


Like a Butterfly

I am tentative, unsure.
I hesistate.
Yet you, you know me
so well,
you sigh a moment,
and I whisper,
“You know
I get this way… this
is who I am.”
And you softly

Your hands on
my shoulders
are weights
at first.

And I shudder,
like that butterfly,
wings trembling,
ready to take flight.

But your smile is sure,
and you bend to
kiss softly
because you know
any harder caress
might excuse
my retreat.

And now, though
I’m still unsure,
your confidence
and your lips
press mine, you
ease your tongue so
I feel safe,
relax a tiny bit.

Your hands begin
to roam.
I sigh, breathe,
and soon I feel
the bed behind my knees,
urging me down, down
into a cloud of
comforter and warmth.

I fall.

It seems sudden,
I am bare
and befuddled by
sensation, and
wonder how.

But now I am pinned
to the bed—
like a butterfly
pinned to a board—
by your tongue.

The warmth grows
a silent (amazing)
makes me forget
cares, worries.

And when we join
there is no more


4 thoughts on “Unstoppable Force

  1. This was the perfect image:

    But now I am pinned
    to the bed—
    like a butterfly
    pinned to a board—
    by your tongue.

    This deserves all the accolades it received. – mosk

    • I’m glad I didn’t inspire shocked silence and disapproval. ^_^ But we Americans are quite prudish aren’t we. Thank you so much for your kindness, Mosk.


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