The Shoe Fairy?

I swear, I believe…

We got a new mattress on Saturday. T was still out of town, so I got to remove the old mattress myself and move it to the spare room, then take the spare mattress and move it to the hallway. I am totally counting this as a workout because it WAS weight lifting.

And of course, I got to clean under the bed (Another workout!) because isn’t that the only time people clean under their mattress: when the mattress is being changed? (It’s too awkward and unweildy any other time because the mattress insists on getting in the way when you’re trying to clean under it unless you’ve moved it entirely out of the room.)

So while cleaning under the mattress I discovered many lost things. A jar of mentholatum ointment; about a dozen books, including some of the Harry Dresden books by Jim Butcher that I KNEW I had somewhere and a “Best of Playboy” pictoral; T’s pocket knife; and about a half dozen shoes. And in this mass of dusty icky shoen, (the plural of shoe is shoen, fyi) I found a pair of shoes I swear I’ve never seen before. They are brown oxford pumps and are completely cute, and totally comfortable.

Where did these magical shoes come from? I can only assume the Shoe Fairy visited because I don’t remember buying them at all. And I adore them. Who but the Shoe Fairy would know exactly what shoes I needed and make sure I got the exact right size with no pinching, not too tall, and just as cute as all get out.

I imagine today will be a day like Cinderella at the ball, only I’m not going to lose one of these shoes. I ❤ them.


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