Life Changing Moment, part 2

Pearl dared me to write about my first kiss. Here it is. I think I remember the strawberries, but maybe that is just my native romanticism.  ^_^ Anyway, this is how it was, age 14 or 15 I think.


Strawberry Kiss

Oh, Bobby.
I was afraid
to kiss
for the first time.

You grinned at me
from your four
superior years.

You’d kissed before
but you still
wanted my lips.

I felt so awkward,
and what nonsense
that was,
but true.

We were called to
hunt chickens
who’d escaped their

It was dark
and you found me
and your lips,
still tasting of
found mine.

My heart thundered
and I ran,
accidentally finding
those wayward

And felt differently
about strawberries
and kisses
ever after.


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