Life Changing Moment

Hmm. The first thing that came to mind for this prompt is not so uplifting, but more a stream of consciousness of what I recall from the moment my life shifted orbit. I used to live in a dream, I guess, because my first marriage was “perfect” but really, only in my head. This is about the moment of

The Fairy Tale Ending

The world swims before me
I feel gravity shift
for a moment
and I wonder crazily
what my expression
must be.

Everything is changed.
Every conception I had
about us
about our life
about love and
is all gone
is all changed
and somehow
my innocent love
has become a

Did I really hear you say it?
You don’t love me.
You feel, somehow,
you never have
loved me.
And me sitting
on the couch
with my world rocking
like a tipsy
that has been said
between us,
that has been done
between us
is somehow
redolent of shame
and this
horrifying feeling
that I somehow
should have known
about the women,
about your true
washes over me
like a tsunami
and filled
with the debris
of my world.

And I consider
our fairy tale romance
and realize
the Grimm brothers
didn’t always
happy endings


2 thoughts on “Life Changing Moment

    • Well, Buddah, it was raw for a long time. I can still look at it from the safe distance of twenty or so years and see the exact moment my world broke into pieces, but I can write about it now, so it is better. And I’m a better person now. I wonder sometimes who I would be if the fairy tale never ended for me, if the lies had gone on, and life had never changed, then who would I have become? I think I like the way things turned out. Don’t you think pain has a purifying effect sometimes?

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