A Contest! A Poetry Contest!! With Prizes!!

Yes, really! Prizes!! The contest rules are these:

Write a poem on any topic found on YouTube. This can be a video, song, humorous event, superbowl commercial, anything.  The poetry will be judged by me and a panel of judges (probably my cats, and a few writer friends). Don’t worry, T won’t be judging. He doesn’t like poetry.

The best poem(s) will win, and rest assured, the judges and I have our own ways of judging whose is “best.” Mostly, those who embrace the challenge and have fun. (This is a silly contest, have no doubts.) Extra points will be given for those who use a Dominotion form, the form I accidentally invented during the 2011 PAD challenge (thanks to Leo for helping name it)  but any form may be used.

The poet should name the poem, and include their name and email address so they can be notified if they win, and post the poem in the comments section of this blog post, along with a link to the YouTube event. Also, this is a good way to view the other competitors’ poems! Only one poem per poet, so think carefully before you hit enter!

Prizes: A “Writer” T-shirt as seen here or here (based on the ABC series “Castle”) in the winner(s)’ size(s). And also, if I feel inspired, silly hats and cookies and/or candy (with dietary restrictions taken into consideration) for those honorable mention winners I can’t STAND not to give prizes to. I will mail prizes to wherever in the world the poet resides. Yes, this is an INTERNATIONAL poetry contest!! However, I still need the poems to be in English. Sorry, I’m woefully undereducated when it comes to languages.

Please have your poem complete and posted by January 21, 2012, at 11:59 p.m. The winners will be decided and contacted by January 29, 2012.

So. There you have it. A Poetry contest, WITH prizes. Go forth and poem, my friends!! I hope to see you here in the comments forthwith!! Have fun! And feel free to cross-post—the more the merrier, right?


Examples of (and a description of) the Dominotion form are found at the following links:

Dominotion example

Description of the form (Link repaired – Thanks Patricia!!)

Dominotion 2nd example


27 thoughts on “A Contest! A Poetry Contest!! With Prizes!!

  1. I thought I would prime the pump and give you’all an example of what I’m asking for here. This is a Demi-dominotion (And don’t feel you HAVE to use one, use whatever poetry form you prefer) and it’s about my favorite Superbowl commercial: the one about herding cats.

    Herding Cats – a Demi-Dominotion

    “It isn’t easy herding cats”
    The cowboy said, tipping his hat
    “But I’ve been doin’ it many a year
    and it’s a callin’.” He was sincere
    about it.

    For generations, herding cats,
    and also combing out the matts
    the cats’ fur gets, being herded,
    briar and bramble can’t be defur-ded
    without it.

    They take such pride in herding cats,
    the skinny ones, the fluffy-fats,
    the calicoes, the flattened snouts,
    the marmalades, there is no doubt
    about it.

    The toughest thing is herding cats,
    And when examining herding stats,
    count scrars, bites and numerous scratches,
    but they love the job that has no matches
    to it.

    It’s more difficult herding cats,
    than herding cattle, that’s a fact.
    Anyone can herd steer and cows,
    10,000 short hairs, that’s different now,
    ain’t it.

    Diana Terrill Clark

  2. “Five million poems”

    There are 5 million poems I want to write
    But I can’t
    That don’t mean I will not try
    ’til the ink in my silly pen runs dry

    There are 6 million poets on the earth
    I believe
    Give or take a poet or two
    We are here to write the greeting cards for you

    The world is quite angry, our words help you vent
    Forget all the madness
    Our job’s to keep you happy and content

    There are 100 contests I want to win
    (or just this one)
    I could really use that shirt
    I am sure that my honey will concur

    My mission is clear
    I’m aiming to win
    If I don’t make it, I fear
    I won’t be able to show my face again…

    There are 5 million poems I want to write
    But I can’t
    That don’t mean I will not try
    ’til the ink in my silly pen runs dry

    There are 5 million poems I want to write…
    ’til the ink in my silly pen runs dry….

    (c) Jacqueline Hallenbeck 1/16/12

    Written to the tune of Katie Melua’s “Nine million bicycles” (an awesome song) =O)

  3. So, to get this party started, here’s my attempt… Based on the “Fenton” video.

    Love the Dominotion form!


    What terrifies these fleeing deer?
    What dreadful threat is coming near,
    too fast for human eye to see?
    The baleful hound of mystery
    called Fenton!

    What terrifies the frantic man
    chasing behind? It’s that he can
    but watch this awful scene unwind
    and yell as if he’s lost his mind
    for Fenton.

    What terrifies the video
    photographer panning over
    the open field? It is the fear
    of being trampled from the rear
    by Fenton.

    What terrifies an audience
    four million strong? It is the sense
    that chaos lurks in man’s best friend.
    But for the grace of (Jesus!) Christ we’ll end
    with Fenton.

    What terrifies the human mind
    the most is the unknown. The kind
    of things we dream about, where life
    is tenuous, pitched on a knife
    like Fenton.

  4. This is inspired by a clip from the 1941 movie Hellzapoppin’ which I found through my love for “Slim” Gaillard, who appears first, playing the piano (and later the guitar). But the lindy hop that starts around 2:40 — wow!

    Hellzapoppin’ (A dominotion)

    Something starts with a dust-rag sweep—
    sprig of melody, triplet leap,
    a playful passing moment stole,
    tit-for-tat with a bass viol—
    awakes the impulse from its sleep:
    jazz rhythm.

    Something starts with an errant note
    that pricks the ears and whets the throat
    and lures a minute from the grind
    reminds the mind: be kind, unwind.
    The swinging, building air afloat
    has rhythm.

    Something starts with a twirl and bounce,
    a midair flip trombones announce,
    a triple donkey kick times two—
    we took our spin—now you and you!
    We’ll jump until the final ounce—
    sing rhythm.

    Something starts when you have to clap
    compulsion of your toes that tap.
    You might not dance, but you can dig
    this crazy thing—it could be big—
    let’s get it on the movie map—
    swing rhythm.

    Something starts with the camera roll:
    specialty number—bless my soul—
    springing out from a framing tale
    that’s set to let the trumpets wail—
    all comes together as one whole
    thing: rhythm.

  5. Thank goodness Daniel noticed the OTHER new form! That’s right! a DEMI-Dominotion. (It doesn’t have the third A line after the two B lines. And way to make me feel better for my blunder, Andrew, by using the NEW new form! Sorry about that. 😛

    I’m glad nobody’s being graded here. 😉

    And I hope everyone is having fun! I am! This is SO much fun, I think I’ll be doing this again. ^_^

      • I am an optimist, so when making a silly mistake and messing up my own form, I just decided it must be a NEW one. ^_^ Excellent way to follow the REAL dominotion, though. ^_^

    • Wow, Diana – you’re inventing new forms all the time! I got my rhyme scheme from your November 16 post… Now that I’ve tackled the demi-d, I guess I’ll have to roll up my sleeves and go for the whole-enchilada-d. Fun! 🙂 Daniel – wonderful use of the form in Hellzapoppin.

  6. Okie dokie Domino…which one do you prefer? I actually enjoy the Demi- but if the Maxi version is preferred I will slog on…I suppose the Ashton is obviously not making an appearance…. I am assuming the either will do?

  7. Just for fun:

    Video: Conjunction Junction – School House Rock

    What’s His Function?

    Using flirtatious words
    with a tug of hungry fingers
    in the belt loops of their jeans
    breath becomes steamy.

    FOR they desire a connection
    AND time can’t be lost dawdling
    NOR wasted on the unwilling
    BUT brazenly bravado
    OR groping for greatness
    YET their eyes might pull her in
    SO if they played it right

    Fanboys are hookin’ up.

  8. Crazy Cat

    Kitty in a hamster ball
    Paws and ears and tail and all
    Upside right and whirls around
    Oops, there she goes upside down
    It’s a good thing she is small
    Crazy cat!

    Folded up so nice and tight
    What’s this thing that wants to fight?
    A big, wiggling furry snake?
    It’s your tail for goodness sake!
    Kitty, do not take a bite.
    Crazy cat!

    While you’re in there stuck inside
    May as well enjoy the ride
    Brother cat may think you’re dumb
    But he’s missing all the fun
    It’s no good unless it’s tried
    Crazy cat!

  9. Uh, not sure if the link worked. Anyhow, my son sent this to me and we had a little, okay big laugh about it so I grabbed it and here is what I ended up with.

    Making the Call

    Just after dawn, I must begin
    before the morning joe kicks in.
    The jazzy jingle on their end
    makes me believe they are a friend
    or foe crawling beneath the skin
    of my world.

    Just after ten, phone in my hand,
    the bleepidy bleep answer man
    says push a number, one through ten
    then repeats, repeats a list of commands
    but I think he really understands
    my world.

    Just after lunch, I dial again,
    Not just one man, but multiple men
    answer and ask me all kinds of things.
    So I push three, five, six until my finger stings
    but fearful they must know a lot more than
    just my world.

    By dinner time, I’m sure they’re hiding
    in the bushes or under the siding
    So I phone to be certain
    (from behind the curtain)
    It’s just not safe, all this confiding
    about my world.

    During Idol, I phone again,
    But this time I personally intend
    To tell them a thing or two
    But no one comes for me or you or you,
    I whisper their plan into your ears–
    because this is our little world.

    While in the bath, I get a grip
    and call again, but soon feel sick.
    They know some things we never told
    Which one of us dared be so bold?
    They now know about the mother ship
    in our beautiful world.

    It’s midnight now, the vampire wings
    flap to and fro like lovely harp strings,
    I press the hashtag, wait for a beep,
    That beep, that beep, that divinely sweet beep.
    that declares that I am Master and King
    of our madly wonderful secret world.

  10. Pearl Ketover Prilik drpkp@aol.com
    just because I cannot – not participate

    Video: Hillary vs the Coffee Maker – She had her problems – I mine…
    ► 0:30► 0:30

    (a demi dominotion)

    Once upon a wintry night
    At the white screen flashing bright
    Cat asleep in the other room
    The only sound in quiet gloom
    of life

    Once upon a frigid night
    Thoughts turned to navied twilight
    When still you walked, with breath, a sigh
    Acting as though you had not ceased to try
    Still living

    Once upon an icy night
    There in plain unhindered sight
    Blatant, bald, unspeakable and cruel
    Never thought you’d play me for a fool
    In living

    Once upon a snowy night
    Just when a hot drink would be so right
    You stared and sat and would not turn
    Though plead desire I did burn
    I lived

    There in that heatless blackened night
    Writing in the flickered white
    You left, leaving me in my head
    Coffee machine, gone, stone cold dead
    While I lived

    • Patricia, thank you! Lovely!

      And don’t worry, this was so fun, I’m already making plans for the next one—on another Friday the 13th I think. ^_^ Join us next time, yes?

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