The prompt today was cruelty. I’m thinking Cruelty? Like, Cruella DeVille? Like the wicked fairy in Sleeping Beauty? And then of course, I thought of the evil queen in Snow White. Sometimes I think she got a bum rap. What if she was just a mean mom, but not, like, EVIL? Well, not until the story tellers got their mitts on her. Same thing for Hansel and Gretel. I mean, really? She wanted to abandon them in the forest? All of that childish energy that could have been spent on chores and she wants to get rid of them? Step mothers get a bad rap sometimes. And besides, being a mean mom is actually a good thing. As I note in this poem.

Meanest Mom in the World

That is my title, that is my right.
I am the meanest mom in the world.
I got it fairly, through many a fight,
through many an angry word hurled.

“But mom, that’s not fair!” I would hear,
daily (hourly) it seemed, from my boys.
“You’re mean, you’re the meanest!” rang in my ears.
I suppose I agreed with their noise.

I’d lift my chin, fire in my eyes,
“I AM the meanest mom!” I’d say
“If that means you do just as I advise,
then the meanest mother I’ll stay.”

“You’re not to jump off the roof,” I’d say,
“And whose mother lets them do that?”
And “Breakfast is not a kitchen buffet.”
“It’s freezing, you’ll be wearing a hat!”

Through all the years, the rules remained firm.
And they knew they could argue at will.
But a mom’s job is a life long term:
A moral compass to instill.

I think someday, when they have kids
the way things are often unfurled,
They’ll learn when you love, you put on the skids
and be the meanest dads in the world.


4 thoughts on “Cruelty

  1. Ah, sweet justice! That’s what I tell my 15 year-old Angry Dandelion “You betcha, I’m a real son of a bitch, the meanest bastard in the world! And I’m ALL YOURS!”

    Great job on the verse, that’s a real skill. Thanks Mosk

  2. “Thats not Fair” my daughters will cry.
    “How do you spell life?” I respond.
    “L. I. F. E.”
    “Does that spell Fair?”
    “no mumble mumble”.
    “And the lesson here boys and girls? Life ain’t fair.” (And Evil is just live spelled backwards…but thats for another time)

    • I totally believe it, Tim. ^_^ Because life AIN’T fair, and a parent who cares doesn’t let their kid get away with everything. (Mine are all grown, and they turned out fine, and hardly emotionally scarred at all.) ^_^

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