Friend of a Friend

The prompt today was to write about or as the friend of a friend. I couldn’t help but think about Dorinda Conlon, my friend who passed away unexpectedly this autumn. Of course I thought of her, as I have adopted or friended on facebook, as many of her “people” as would accept me. And so I’ve written about why.


My Friend, Who Died

Her friends are mine now,
or so I’ve claimed them,
because any link
however slight,
makes me feel her again
in my life.

Her sisters are mine now,
whether they know it or not
because I miss her
and wish her sisters
the best too.

Her sons are mine now,
though they don’t even know
that I care, not really.
But I watch them
for her
and imagine what she would say,
probably something irreverent
and shocking,
and hilarious,
but real and caring too.

She won’t be here anymore,
my friend,
and I wonder if she
could have known
how much she meant
to me.
I hope she knows


And the second one is about gossip. ^_^


And the Biddies Had a Field Day

Betty was my great-grandma
and she love to tell
about the church she used to go to.
The biddies there (she called them that!)
would peck and scratch
at other ladies,
gossiping, and,
heavens knew,
just making stuff up
out of whole cloth.

One day a new woman,
arrived at church
and the biddies were having
a field day.

Betty stood listening
for quite a while
to their poison.
And then she grabbed two of the
veriest biddies by the elbows
and, marching them over
to Doris, unabashedly said,
“Well, let’s find out,
then, if what you say
is true.”

And of course, Doris was
and gratified
and amused.

She and Betty became
the closest of friends.
But of course,
they never went back.

And the biddies had
a field day.


3 thoughts on “Friend of a Friend

  1. Well, now that I look at it that way, I feel the same about Betty. ^_^ And my feelings on gossip mirror hers perfectly. I always think, “can I go to that person and ask them if this is true?” And if I can’t I think, WWBD? (What Would Betty Do?) ^_^

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