We have a winner!

Of course I am talking about the contest I was honored to host earlier this month. The deadline to announce the winner is today! And oh my goodness, it was awesome! I had seven entries and I enjoyed the poems so much, I’ve decided this will have to be repeated. (When I say I enjoyed the poems, I drove T crazy with all the giggling, and remember, he doesn’t like poetry, so he didn’t even want to ask why I was laughing so hard.)

And so now, to announce the winner!

The first prize winner of  the “Writer” t-shirt  is Daniel for his Dominotion, “Hellzapoppin’!”

We do have other winners, of course, because every poem submitted to the poetry-for-fun contest was so funny and good, we had a Hell-zapoppin’ time picking just one.

So silly hats will be sent to every other poet!  Hurrah!

If the poets will please check in with me at my email address: dianadomino@lycos.com, I will collect the mailing addresses for hats and the t-shirt size from Daniel! Also, please let me know of any allergies you have so I know if I can pack cookies with the hats. ^_^

Thank you all for participating! As I said, I hope to do this contest on a regular basis, so keep in touch and we’ll do it again!

Congratulations to all the fine poets who entered, and to Daniel for his winning poem!

(The graphics were provided by http://graphicsfairy.blogspot.com/ and I think they’re amazing, don’t you?)

7 thoughts on “We have a winner!

  1. Daniel, you’ve done it again. Is there any form you can’t follow? This is the question. Who are you channeling when you go into POEM mode?

    Conga Rats, Daniel.

  2. I’m thrilled and delighted! Thanks everybody and Domino for the total package of form and prompt. I had a real blast with this one, and with everyone else’s poems, too.

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