Dead End

The prompt today was dead end, which seemed fortuitous to me because my life has been frantically busy, interspersed with moments of exhaustion and boredom in which I was too tired to do anything productive. Family stressors, work stressors, and, of course, feeling helpless to do anything extraneous at all.  Struggling through the hectic parts of life, doesn’t one feel one has hit a dead end? When in actuality it’s not all that bad.

So of course, I went a different direction with the poems. Sort of anyway. Here they are.


We lived on a dead-end
with railroad tracks
beyond the railing.

We would put pennies
(and even quarters
when we were feeling rich)
on the tracks and wait for a train
to come
and mash the coin
flinging it off
to the side.

We would hunt for the coins
and crow
when we found one
flattened beyond

Now I feel like one of those
formerly useful
flattened by
the express train
that is


Ten Hours

Ten hours today
at work
hardly budging
hardly moving
typing for all I am worth.

And I must say,
to my dismay,
boy, do I have a
dead end.

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